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    Junior 10U League

   Grades 3 & 4 (usually ages 9 or 10 as of August 31st)


The Junior 10U League is a FUN division geared toward younger players with the emphasis of working on each players skills and introducing competition. This league meets twice a week beginning in April.  The First half of the season each team will have one practice and one game and the second half each team will play two games per week.

The Season ends in mid June and every effort is made to coordinate the end of the season with the end of the school year.

Skills that are introduced, reintroduced and reinforced:

Proper batting stance and swing

Proper way to hold a softball

Proper throwing technique and throwing motion

Proper way to field and catch a ground ball; two hands

Proper way to catch a fly ball; two hands what is a ball

Proper way to run the bases

Recognizing and understanding all positions on the field

Playing all the positions on the field unless there is a safety concern

Understanding the strike zone; what is a ball and strike

Hitting off "live" pitching; girls pitch to each other (no coach pitch)

Introduction to the windmill pitching technique

Inrtoduction to proper techniques to become a catcher

Learn to become part of a team and understanding what is best for the team and not the individual player

Learning the basic rules of softball; 4 ball = a walk, 3 strikes = a strikeout, 3 outs ends an inning

Learning the difference between a force play and a tag play

Understand what "tagging up" means

Learning the proper way to take a lead

Learning to make "cut-off" plays and back up bases

Proper sliding techniques

Communication skills with fellow players, coaches and umpires

Being respectful of other players, coaches and umpires

Become accustom to playing with a regulation 11' ball.  No "softies"

Learn what a home team and away team are; ie. who bats first

Every girl will make a team