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    Junior 8U League

  Grades 1 & 2 (usually ages 7 and 8 as of August 31st)




The Junior 8U League is a FUN division geared toward younger players with the emphasis of working on each players skills, NOT on the competition. This league meets twice a week beginning in late April.  The season is divided into thirds.  The first third of the season each team will have two practices per week, the second third each team will have one practice and one game and the last third each team will play two games per week.  The Season ends in mid June. 


Skills that are reintroduced and reinforced:

Softball Safety - Being aware of your surroundings

How to Hold a Ball

How to Throw a Ball

How to Catch a Ball

Fielding Stance Introduction to Catching Behind Home Plate

  -Proper Position


Base Running and Leading

Proper Batting Stance

Proper Swing

Sportsmanship and Social Skills Associated With Team Sports - Softball

Batting a Pitched Ball from a Coach


There are no tryouts in the Junior 8U League.  Teams are organized from every registered player. Rosters are limited in size to ensure all players have the oppurtunity to develop their skills. There are no assigned positions; all players will participate in every game and will rotate throughout the season getting to play every position at least once.